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Quinceañera Account
Celebrate your special little girl's Quinceañera the way you've always dreamed. Veridian's Quinceañera accounts allow you to set aside money for your daughter, granddaughter or niece. Open it when she's a little girl to watch the money grow as she grows. The earlier you begin saving, the easier it will be to afford the day of her dreams.

Our services include:

  • Quinceañera Savings Account – Save more money when you maintain a $50 balance and earn interest.
  • Free Quinceañera Checking Account – No minimum amount of money is required. This account comes with a free Visa® Debit card, which allows you to get cash from an ATM and make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted.
  • Quinceañera Certificates of Deposit (CDs) – Build your savings even faster. We have a variety of CDs with different interest rates and terms (length of time money is held). Two of our CDs allow you to add money after the CD is opened.
  • Visa Platinum Credit Card – A credit card lets you borrow money for purchases made at a store or online and pay for them later. This card features a low interest rate.
  • Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card – This card also lets you borrow money for purchases made at a store or online and pay for them later. Veridian will mail you a statement every month. You will earn rewards points for your purchases, which you can redeem for gift certificates, cash or travel discounts.
  • Home Equity Loan - Homeowners can borrow money at a great rate (if you have an ITIN you must have a qualified co-applicant with a Social Security Number).

Saving the money is only part of the work ahead. Use our Quinceañera planning tool to help get an idea of what expenses you will need to budget for, and also help you track your expenses as you go.

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